Proper Spa & Pool Chemical Disposal

Proper Spa & Pool Chemical Disposal

Whether you have expired spa chemicals or accidentally purchased too much pool chemicals, it is important to understand how to properly expose of them. Just like batteries, spa and pool chemicals are hazardous waste that must be disposed of properly - and not in the trash.

General Pool and Spa Chemical Expiration

Pool and spa chemicals do have expiration dates. Though different chemicals have longer shelf-life than others, most chemicals are used by the time they expire. Chemicals in liquid form tend to expire and lose their effectiveness quicker than their dry counterparts. Most chemicals, whether liquid or dry last at least one year. While pool and spa chemicals don’t rot or show signs of decay from being expired, their effectiveness will greatly decrease making your pool or spa unsafe to use.

Proper Spa and Pool Disposal

Regardless of whether the pool or spa chemicals are still good or expired, you should never discard them in the trash or pour them down a drain, a toilet, on the ground or down a storm drain. Here are some options for getting rid of those expired or surplus spa and pool chemicals:

1. Use them in your pool. That’s right, use whatever is left in your pool. Just know that the potency and effectiveness of the chemicals will likely be compromised and you’ll likely need to add additional pool or spa chemicals to counteract the expired chemicals.

2. Donate your old or unneeded chemical to another pool owner. The spa and pool water will vary from one pool or spa to the next. Your old or surplus chemicals may be just what your neighbor or fellow pool owner needs.

3. Donate your expired or unused chemical to a local pool. Community pools and spas need more frequent cleaning and upkeep than private pools, so they use up more chemicals.

4. Take the old or unneeded chemicals to a pool company. Most pool companies will accept old or unneeded pool chemicals if the container is still in good shape. They can send the chemicals back to the manufacturer. Even if the pool company can’t use the chemicals, it will know how to properly dispose of them.

5. Take advantage of community clean-up events. Once or twice a year, many communities have a cleaning day where residents can bring items that can’t be disposed of in the trash to be properly disposed of. This can be a great opportunity to have your pool and spa chemicals disposed of properly.

6. Call and ask your community’s waste management department. They can direct you on how and where you can take your expired or unused chemicals for disposal. Some offer twice-a-year pick-ups and free disposals.

7. Take the chemicals to a nearby household hazardous waste facility. Most localities allow residents to drop off toxic chemicals at no charge, although some will demand a small fee.

Pool and spa chemicals are important to keep your pool and spa maintained and safe. These chemicals are also dangerous and need to be handled, stored and disposed of properly and carefully. At Sunplay, we’re your one-stop-shop for all your pool and spa needs. If you have any questions about pool or spa maintenance or chemicals, contact one of our knowledgeable staff members today.

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