Hot Tub Cinema: A New Way to Party

We’ve looked at a couple interesting hot tub concepts here on the Sunplay blog. We saw a few tailgating crazies hot-tubbing outside of a football game in freezing temperatures as well as a business based on hot tub boats that motor through Seattle’s waterways.

How about an inflatable hot tub movie-viewing party from the rooftop of a glamorous city like London or New York City?

That’s the idea behind a company about to hit the one year mark in its existence as a must-attend event service. Based in the UK and having spent its first year in London’s East End, Hot Tub Cinema is a pop-up event with no permanent location (traveling from rooftop to rooftop) that provides what’s sure to be a one-of-a-kind night to remember.

US-based partiers are in luck! The company is planning to host its first event in NYC next month. On May 8th, Hot Tub Cinema will be partnering with the company Crowdtilt for what they say will be “a unique experience (first in US) you won’t want to miss out on!” For $55, you can purchase a spot in an inflatable hot tub with a view of the New York City skyline. The ticket price includes an open bar, popcorn, a movie, and what the company calls an “epic/priceless story to share with your friends.”

The party will feature 14 tubs with 100 total spots available to anyone interested.

To any who may be concerned about sanitation, Hot Tub Cinema assures its potential clients that all tubs are thoroughly cleaned, refilled, and heated before every individual show. The company writes on its website that they aim to combine “relaxing hot tubs, great films, and amazing spaces. It is a luxurious event that celebrates film in a fun and engaging way.”

Attendees can either buy whole tubs to share with their friends or buy individual tickets and make buddies at the party.

Hot Tub Cinema has been taking over London rooftops during the summertime since last year. It evolved from a private event with one tub seven years ago into the full-blown business it is today. It has grown to provide services that include up to 20 tubs, two screens, a full surround-sound system, and lots of fun.

The company is most active in the summertime (check their calendar on their website) but they operate year round, bouncing from outdoor to indoor locations depending on the season. Prices for entry vary per venue. You can even book your own private gig but they have a six hot tub minimum that will cost between 2,000-5,000 pounds (that’s British money, you Yanks).

Hot Tub Cinema has screened such classics such as “Raiders of the Lost Ark,” “The Goonies,” “Home Alone,” “Gremlins,” and of course, “Hot Tub Time Machine.” They’ve also hosted events like hot tub speed dating (in case you want to know what your date looks like in a bikini) as well as hot tub karaoke.

One thing is for sure: HTC knows how to throw a party.

What do you think? Would you go to a Hot Tub Cinema event?

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